About Falco Ink.

Formed in January of 1999 by Partners Janice Roland and Shannon Treusch, Falco Ink. is a leading entertainment public relations and marketing firm with over three decades in the film industry.

Meet our Team

With a vast collection of films, events, and talent in our portfolio, the Falco Ink. team provides clients with a unique synergy and innovative campaign ideas that leave a lasting impact on each project.

Release Campaigns

Falco Ink. creates and implements release campaigns for feature films and documentaries, big budget and independent films, while working closely with studios, independent distributors, production companies, and filmmakers.

Film Festivals

Falco Ink. handles film campaigns and special events for all major film festivals, including Toronto, Sundance, TriBeCa, and SXSW, as well as key regional festivals including the Hamptons and Miami Film Festivals.

Special Events

Falco Ink. organizes memorable, attention-grabbing special events. Not only will Falco create and manage the event, but will also invite media and key industry players.

Digital Media

Being in a fast-paced and ever-changing landscape, Falco Ink.’s Digital Media division successfully bridges the gap between traditional and digital publicity outlets.

Unit Publicity

Falco Ink. is consulted prior to and during production to handle the nuts and bolts of unit publicity and to lay out a master strategy that will position the film for festivals and future theatrical release.

Additional Services

Falco Ink. has a diverse range of services that includes award campaigns, non-traditional releases, DVD and television campaigns, and corporate and personal publicity.