Formed in January of 1999 by Partners Janice Roland and Shannon Treusch, and Senior Vice President Steven Beeman, Falco Ink. is a leading entertainment public relations and marketing firm.

With over three decades in the film industry, Falco Ink.’s integrative approach enables us to handle every facet of a particular film’s evolution – from script to screen and beyond. Our positive relationships with the press have led to trusted bonds that regularly achieve powerful results.

We are a uniquely close-knit agency with the longest running senior team of any current entertainment publicity firm in the country. Years of collaborative work have created an environment that fosters fresh ideas, streamlined communication, and deep expertise, all while providing a welcoming and consistent experience for our clients.

In addition to our core film and television business, Falco offers a range of services in marketing and public relations on both corporate and individual levels.

Falco Ink. is named after the character Sidney Falco (played by Tony Curtis), the New York streetwise publicist from director Alexander MacKendrick, and screenwriters Clifford Odets and Ernest Lehman’s classic 1956 film The Sweet Smell of Success.