Falco Ink. has a diverse range of services that includes award campaigns, non-traditional release, dvd and television campaigns, and corporate and personal publicity.

Awards Campaigns

Falco Ink. can supplement an awards campaign with a creative approach when working with the press. Over the years, Falco has worked on numerous Academy Award and Golden Globe campaigns for both studios and independent distributors.

Our successes over the years range from American Beauty and Gladiator, to Good Night and Good Luck and La Vie En Rose.

VOD / Digital Campaigns

Falco Ink. has worked extensively on VOD only and Digital only release campaigns, as well as hybrid releases that may include VOD, Digital and Theatrical.

We understand an audience is driven to see a film online or on VOD differently than they are driven to a theater, and we craft strategies to attract the audience in an appropriate fashion to maximize the film’s exposure and success.

DVD / Blu-Ray Campaigns

Falco Ink.’s team has worked on physical media campaigns for over 20 years and understand the DVD/Blu-Ray marketplace well. Rather than a “cookie cutter” campaign, Falco Ink. takes the time to craft a campaign for your film that will best maximize exposure to the DVD/Blu-Ray audience.

Titles include What Maisie Knew, Killing Season, Bachelorette, Killing them Softly, The Paperboy, Pusher, Solomon Kane and Aftershock.

Television Campaigns

Falco Ink.’s talented staff has worked extensively in broadcast mediums, handling successful campaigns for networks including HBO, Sony Television, IFC, PBS, and FX.

Campaigns include the HBO documentaries The Loving Story and One Nation Under Dog as well as unit publicity on set for FX’s Rescue Me and Damages. Falco also worked on the season two launch of FX’s acclaimed comedy Louie.

Marketing / Branding

Falco Ink. specializes in marketing and branding through influential seeding. We utilize our strong ties to the entertainment industry in the areas of film, television, fashion, music, and sports to tap into strategically targeted markets.

Corporate Publicity

Falco Ink. takes on corporate accounts on a case-by-case scenario, looking to build relationships with clients that share our passion for creative and innovative approaches. We work to find original ways for our clients to build, maximize and maintain their brand in a thoughtful, strategic manner.

Personal Publicity

Falco Ink. builds relationships with directors, producers, actors, and others in the entertainment industry and, on a case-by-case basis, takes on personal clients that share our passion for creative and innovative approaches.