Digital Media

A fast-paced and ever-changing landscape, Falco Ink.’s Digital Media division successfully bridges the gap between traditional and digital publicity outlets. Our expertise not only optimizes new media as a means to reach consumers, but also to strategically implement new approaches to projects that are unveiled in unconventional and/or multi-platform formats.

We place digital assets across a unique combination of venues including social media, blogs, and popular websites.
We orchestrate innovative features and reviews with the potential to create a momentum of their own.
We spark conversations among social media platforms, creating powerful sense of engagement, anticipation, and urgency.

Launched in Winter 2011, the Falco Loop is a proprietary database of online outlets, ranging from top websites to long-tail bloggers, with relationships growing daily. Using this robust source of editors, influencers, and tastemakers, we work with clients to create a customized approach to online outreach, identifying key audiences to generate awareness and buzz.

If you are a blogger, website editor, or online content provider looking to join the Falco Loop, contact us here.