Falco Ink. is often consulted prior to and during production not only to handle the nuts and bolts of unit publicity during the shoot, but also to lay out a master strategy that will position the film for possible festivals and future theatrical release. Being involved at the very early stages, Falco Ink. can help craft a campaign and develop the necessary assets to see it through, often working with the distribution team and bringing them up to speed on the overall vision.

Recent campaigns include:

  • Hereditary — Directed by Ari Asner
  • Wonderstruck — Directed by Todd Haynes
  • Late Night — Directed by Nisha Ganatra
  • A Kid Like Jake — Directed by Silas Howard
  • Support the Girls — Directed by Andrew Bujalski
  • Hearts Beat Loud — Directed by Brett Haley
  • Life Itself — Directed by Dan Fogelman
  • Indignation — Directed by James Schamus
  • Begin Again – Directed by John Carney
  • House of the Devil – Directed by Ti West
  • Robot and Frank – Directed by Jake Schreier
  • The Oranges – Directed by Julian Farino
  • God Only Forgives—Directed by Nicholas Winding Refn
  • My Idiot Brother— Directed by Jesse Peretz
  • The Extra Man — Directed by Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman
  • Please Give, Friends with Money — Directed by Nicole Holofcener
  • Rachel Getting Married — Directed by Jonathan Demme
  • Redbelt — Directed by David Mamet
  • Saw II and Saw III – Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman
  • The White Countess — Directed by James Ivory
  • Sunshine StateCasa De Los Babies — Directed by John Sayles